Home is the place most of us spend our time. Vibrant energy from the environment may help us to rejuvenate and leverage on good opportunity when it arise. In most cases, a small boost is sufficient to ensure the occupant can tap to the surrounding energy and benefit. The birth data of the owner and residents are often collected to construct personalised Feng Shui settings to help them deal with current and future endeavours. The property’s Feng Shui settings are important to support and enhance the life path carved by the residents.

With office and commercial spaces, several Feng Shui practices that could improve the business and productivity include the location of the office setup. A thriving area will provide positive Qi which will help catapult the operation of a business into success. Thus, offices based in a busy and established area will promise a better profitability and stimulate growth. As with residential properties, important factors such as location, direction and time influences of Qi must be in positive correlation with the birth chart of the owners and key personnel.

Master Kevin surpasses most Feng Shui practitioners in such that he possesses the superlative knowledge of combining the entire process of property establishment together with the Feng Shui aspects involved due to him being a property investor himself. He is equipped with conventional property selection knowledge and skills and this in turn enables him to provide precise and reliable Feng Shui assessments. He often advocates his belief of finding the right property as opposed to fixing it.