People with resource often fall into this wait and see mode. They love to learn and believe that good things come to those that wait. Because of these patience that they display they are often assisted by other kind people. They learn from their experience and often not making another move until their previous move has been properly reflected. When Direct Wealth decent upon them there is a stubborn drive to get to the bottom of things. They can become a pit bull chewing on a piece of a leather, unyielding and not letting go.

With DW/DR appearing in the year, you will usually find a relentless person that is very concern of society at large. They are very updated with current event and may be mistaken as a walking news room. They have a cause that seemingly wanted to inform the world of something but don’t seems to be doing much about not. You will at times wonder how can they miss the great opportunity when they are so inform of the situation.

DW/DR residing in the month would bring a person that is responsible of company history or cultured. They are usually champion of the what not broken should not be fix. If you leave them with documentation related work like auditing  and accounting, you can be sure that all information is accounted for and investigated. They will not leave information unverified or unsupported. Having to know that, moving forward would be a little hard with them around.

Hour take future into a person concern and when DW/DR appear they are in a little mix. Resource people want the confirm of confirm information, thing that are largely tried and tested but hour are concern of future like children, subordinate and investment. You will be seeing someone that still used very old method to shape their future. Maybe a person that respect culture and the olden way. hell broke lose if your dad still believe arrange marriage is the way to go.

There are great people if your concern is to discover why of the situation. They make great curator of historical event and are able to run museum type of establishment easily. Knowledge is power and they are among those that have power as they know people and are often assisted by people. These guy are stubborn but don’t mistaken them to be old fashion.

The epic smashing of historic Han dynasty pot done by Ai Wei Wei. His DW/DR appear in his year pillar and hence you can see his silent protest over the year. He could have easily left the country and continue his work but yet he choose to stick around. One of the few people that really know the history of china, the undistorted version.

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